Benefits Of Sex

Everyone who is having sex knows that a healthy sex life is beneficial for the world beyond the bedroom. It’s not just about the pleasures of the moments you have in the bedroom, but the overall wellbeing of the rest of your life. Consistently being active in the bedroom doesn’t just put a spring in your step, but it puts a boost into your immune system and ensures that you are happier neurologically. Maintaining that active sex life isn’t always easy, though, and healthy sexual relationships aren’t always easy to find. You have to be picky about the people you have sex with, and if you want to know that you have a healthy sex life, you should read up on the benefits of sex in general. Luckily for you, we’ve got a list of the benefits of sex below:

Immune System Benefits

Did you know that those who are more active in their sex lives are less likely to take sick days than those who aren’t having sex? It may feel hard to believe, but even once a week you can gain the immune benefits of sex. An active sex life benefits your immune system, which prevents migraines and ensures that you are feeling good on the inside!

You Sleep Better

Healthy sexual relationships are wonderful, but they also relax you enough to sleep. Once you (both) orgasm, you’ll find that the release of oxytocin, dopamine, and all of the other hormones can make you feel sleepy and relieved. It’s a powerful combination and you will sleep so much better as a result. Better than that? It’s the most regenerative type of sleep, the one you sink into after sex!

Happier People

This one doesn’t need much explanation. Everyone is happier after they’ve been close with someone and they’ve been made to feel good about it. Healthy sexual relationships result in happier people and elevated happiness the day after, too. The hormone release decreases stress and anxiety, and of all the benefits of sex, this is the one that people most look to.

Improved Relationships

If you’re in a relationship with someone, having sex and mapping each other’s bodies is par for the course. Even with conversations surrounding rapid STD testing, you improve your relationship because of the way you’re communicating. Some conversations are had with words, and others are had with movement and touch. Improving your relationship is easy when you can talk in and out of the bedroom, and talking in the bedroom is more than just words.

Sex is something we do to connect to other people. It’s more than just a way to create a family; it’s fun, it’s passionate and it makes us feel good and sleep well. The best sex is safe sex, and if you’re not having safe sex right now, ordering STD testing online can make a big difference to the way that you come together – literally. Safe sex is a must, as you can then forget the risks and enjoy it as it should be enjoyed!