A New Way to Get Quality Health Care

Consider how much better the world would be if you had a way to get accurate STD testing quickly, privately, and at an affordable price.

Imagine if you could do this where and when you choose to have your testing done, as opposed to being penciled in to someone’s crowded schedule.

Now, think how pleasant it would be not to have to sit, embarrassed, in a crowded waiting room or see a doctor who is rushing to see another patient.

Welcome to Rapid Screening Center

We are proud to be the largest online clinic in the nation. Our service is designed around your schedule. Our goal is simple. We provide quick, confidential, and reasonably priced STD testing. This is done in an online setting and provides high quality medical care.

In order for the center to run efficiently, we have partnered with a national network of medical professionals, including doctors and nurses, who have completed special training in providing online medical care. All doctors, nurses, and call center employees are experts in sexual health. Our doctors are available 7 days a week to order testing, as well as discuss your results with you by phone and resolve any questions you may have.

When it is permitted by state law and medically necessary, our doctors will write prescriptions, as well as refer patients to specialists in their local area for followup care.

We want to help you stay healthy, so we have made testing as easy as possible. In just three simple steps, we can get you tested and give you the results you need for peace of mind.

In a short period of time, Rapid Screening Center has helped more than 100,000 people obtain testing for the most common STDs. Additionally, our licensed physicians, have treated or connected more than 10,000 people for further care. While we are thrilled that so many people have trusted us with their sexual health, we want you to feel that same level of comfort with us. All tests are performed privately and securely and we have achieved an A Plus rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Your health and privacy are important to us. That is why we created rapidstdtesting.com.

You can get the medical care you need by a licensed physician in the privacy of an online clinic.


What Makes Us Different

Talk With Professionals Who Care

Are you interested in discussing the process with a medical professional? Call 1 (866) 872-1888 from 6am-10pm CST, 7 days a week. One of our certified medical professionals will take you through the entire procedure, from beginning to end.

Discreet Communication

You will never see Rapid STD Testing on your credit card statement or in the subject line of an email. Any communications will be done so under the name RSC Services.

Insurance Options

If you plan to use your health insurance to pay for all or a portion of your STD testing, Rapid STD Testing is able to accept it, as well as Health Savings Accounts (HSA). Rapid STD Testing is one of just a few online STD testing services that will accept insurance.

Results in as Little as 3 Days

Within 3 business days of taking your test, you will be able to view your results through your secure online account. (In some instances, this wait may be even shorter.) Patients who choose “HIV Early Detection” will have their results within 5 business days.

Follow-up Care

In the event follow-up care is needed, our team of medical professionals will help connect you with one of our own physicians or a physician of your own choosing. If medication is appropriate, a licensed physician may write the prescription, where it is permitted by state law.

Your Privacy is Protected

You can rest assured that all your information is being protected according to industry standards. We firmly adhere to all HIPAA regulations and maintain all medical records in accordance to our Notice of Privacy Practices.

Complete STD Testing at Unbeatable Prices!