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Will My Insurance Cover STD Testing?

Does insurance cover STD testing? That’s a complicated question. It all depends on whether you want it to or not. On this page, we run through FSA for STD testing and HSA for STD testing and the various payment options open to you.

Does Insurance Cover STD Testing?

In short, insurance can cover STD testing. However, many people choose not to use their insurance company. That’s because insurers will often raise your premiums if they find out that you have had an STD test.

At the same time, confusingly, many insurance companies consider testing for STD symptoms as preventative care. That means that many offer the service free of charge without any co-pay. However, it all depends on the provider. Not all insurance companies offer testing as a preventative care benefit. You’ll have to check your policy to see precisely what it covers.

The ACA requires that insurance companies provide free yearly screenings for four STDs: HIV, gonorrhea, syphilis, and chlamydia. That’s because these infections can have serious long-term health consequences if not properly managed or treated.

There are some advantages for using insurance for STD tests. The main benefit is that you might not have to pay regular testing fees. However, many insurance companies limit the tests that you can have. They may also require a small deductible. Furthermore, as mentioned, they may increase your premiums if they find out that you have had a test.

FSA/HSA Cards For STD Tests

You can use FSA for STD testing and HSA for STD testing so long as you have sufficient funds in your account. Your card will cover the full cost of the STD symptoms test kit.

You may only use FSA and HSA cards for qualifying medical expenses – which include testing.

Patient Confidentiality

Rapid STD Testing prioritizes patient confidentiality. That’s why we don’t accept insurance, Medicare or Medicaid. If you use any form of public plan or insurance to pay for your test, then it will go on your permanent medical record. Such testing may, in some circumstances, prevent you from getting comprehensive coverage later on in life.

If you would like to keep your testing private, then it is better to use debit and credit cards, plus payments from your HSA or FSA accounts.

When you pay for Rapid STD Testing services via any of these accounts, the translation will appear as a blank entry. Nobody, therefore, will be able to see that you have gone for a test – not even financial service providers. No company name or service ID will appear on your financial records.

How much you have to pay for STD testing depends on the condition you think you might have. Test kits usually cost between $100 and $500. For the money, you get a comprehensive panel of tests that can help you rule out a wide range of diseases.