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Signs You Need STD Testing

It can be tricky to know whether or not you have an STD, and this is a concern that many people can have in their lives. STDs are a normal risk that can occur within the space of a healthy sex life, but you need to be careful if you think you might have caught something. Part of the trouble here is that you can often have flu-like symptoms from an STD, so you might be wondering what you can do to differentiate the two.

A rapid STD testing online service is the way forward, but how do you know whether you should get tested or whether it is just the flu or something else? Let’s take a look at some of the clear signs that you should probably seek out a test.

You Have Warts Or Sores

If you have a lot of warts or sores in a sensitive area, then that can be a strong sign that you might have an STD, and you should consider rapid STD testing online if you do indeed have this symptom. Of course, you can get sores and warts in other ways, but nonetheless, this is something that you might want to be aware of as it is a common tell for this kind of disease. In any case, you should not ignore it.

You Are In Pain

Many STDs come with a lot of pain – although not all of them, this is still common amongst STD symptoms, so as such you should take it seriously if you start having pain. You might notice that it is painful to urinate, or you might have pain in your abdominal region in general, even when you are not peeing. You can also experience muscle and joint pain. Again, if you are at all unsure, just make sure you seek out rapid STD testing as soon as possible to make sure.

You Have Flu-Like Symptoms

Common STD symptoms include feeling like you have the flu, so if you feel this way and you also have some of the other symptoms, that is certainly something that you should be aware of as a major sign as well. You might have chills, fatigue, achiness, and headaches, and this can happen days or even months after a sexual encounter. Therefore, you should consider taking STD testing if you have flu-like symptoms after sex, as it can prove to be a common symptom.

No Symptoms

It is also important to remember that you can get STDs that do not have any symptoms, and as such you should make sure that you are getting tested regularly. As long as you have regular STD testing carried out, you are going to know for certain how to tell if you have an STD, so it is just one of those normal health functions that you should book in for occasionally. Thankfully, this is easier than ever with online testing, so you should definitely make use of this service to help look after your health.