At Home STD Test vs. STD Testing Clinic

Recent research has shown that the numbers of STD’s are on the rise in countries all over the world. In the US alone there are over 20 million confirmed cases of STD’s every year. STD’s as a whole is one of the fastest-growing health crisis in the world only behind Covid 19, Diabetes and Cancer.

Many STD’s are asymptomatic, meaning without symptoms so the infected person will go unchecked and can spread an STD without ever knowing they are a carrier. Many other STD’s have mild symptoms that can easily be mistaken as a bladder infection, a yeast infection or simple chafing. If left unchecked the symptoms can get worse over time, and lead to serious complications such as Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, HIV, and infertility.

The bottom line is if you believe you may have an STD get checked. You can test for all STD’s through a blood and or urine sample. Most STD’s are easily treated.

At-Home STD Testing Kits

As part of a wider trend of home-based healthcare technology and services, STD testing has now been made much more widely available. You can now order STD testing kits to be delivered directly to your home for you to carry out the test yourself.

There are a lot of positives to home testing. It’s convenient, anonymous, and can be a good choice for people who don’t have access to an STD clinic or are too embarrassed to go to one.

However, these home STD tests are not perfect and there are a number of potential drawbacks that you might want to consider.

Privacy Considerations

Many people are worried about their privacy when getting tested for STDs. They worry that if they visit their doctor, that the screening and the results, whether positive or negative, will negatively impact their insurance premiums going forward. In these circumstances, both at-home tests and private STD testing clinics can be an option. You can book into an STD clinic, like Rapid STD Testing, anonymously and your records and results won’t be shared with anyone else, even your primary care doctor.

Advantages Of Visiting An STD Clinic

An STD clinic, such as Rapid STD Testing, is the ideal choice for your sexual health screening. There are a number of reasons for this, including:

Full Panel STD Testing

Most at-home test kits are only able to detect one STD. Therefore, you need to have a pretty good idea of which one you may potentially have when you order the kit. If you have symptoms that can be attributed to a number of different STDs, which test do you choose? Or do you buy them all? Certain conditions can only be picked up with a full blood sample, which is not possible to do at home.

At an STD clinic, you can be tested for a range of STDs at the same time. No need to book separate tests or appointments.

Being tested for all potential STDs is beneficial to those who could be infected by more than one disease, or any person or couple that wants to be tested to ensure that they aren’t carrying any of these STDs.

Accurate Testing Process

The medical and sexual health professionals who work at STD testing clinics are highly experienced. It’s their job to confidentially and professionally carry out these tests multiple times every day. If you are doing a test at home, you may not collect the sample correctly, which would then lead to a false negative. The test may tell you that you are clear, but you might not be. A testing clinic will ensure that the tests are carried out correctly and your results are accurate.

Speed Of Results

Once your home test is completed, you need to return it back to the lab which is affiliated with the type of test you’ve ordered. This relies on you mailing it, and the speed at which the lab processes it. This can take some time, during which time your symptoms could worsen and the not knowing can cause stress and anxiety.

STD testing clinics often deliver test results the same day or within 24 hours.

Regulated Facilities

When you send off a home test kit, you don’t know where it’s going. It could be to an unregulated facility or even a lab outside of the country. STD clinics in the US are heavily regulated to ensure their standards are upheld, giving you that extra peace of mind.

Pre/Post Diagnosis Care

An at-home kit is a very one-sided way to look after your health. Attending an STD clinic gives you the opportunity to talk to a professional about your symptoms, the testing process, and treatment options should you test positive and need continued care. This contact is invaluable.

Though you will often get your results online or via a phone call, you also have the ability to follow up and talk to someone about your results. This can help to put your mind at rest about treatment options and the diagnosis. They can also refer you for counseling or other medical treatment if necessary.

Take Control Of Your Health With Rapid STD Testing

With Rapid STD Testing, we offer you professional and convenient ways to look after your sexual health. You can set up your test via our online ordering platform, and arrange to visit one of our many STD clinics nationwide at a time that’s convenient to you.

If you are unable to visit a clinic, then we can arrange for one of our team to visit you at home, or even work, to collect your samples for testing.

Our services are completely confidential and you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that you’ll be able to trust the results that you receive.

Rapid STD Testing clinics are of the highest quality and highly professional, so you can be assured that your testing is being carried out in a quality, non-judgemental environment.

Your results will be available to view online within 3 days, and you can discuss them with a member of our team, who can refer you for any needed treatment.


There’s no doubt that home testing for STDs has opened up a new avenue for people to take more control of their sexual health. In certain circumstances, they can be very useful indeed and have certainly encouraged people who would not otherwise get tested to do so.

However, the home testing industry isn’t perfect. The quality of tests and results vary wildly from brand to brand. The accuracy of these tests is crucial to curbing the spread of STDs. False negatives due to insufficient sampling can be extremely dangerous to the person getting tested and could be putting their health and that of future sexual partners at risk.

STD testing clinics offer a robust testing service, with fast results as well as better pre and post-testing care.