When it comes to STDs, Gonorrhea is the most common. It can also be asymptomatic, which means the effects of the disease go unnoticed. These two conditions make testing vitally important, especially if you have had unsafe sexual interactions or think there is a possibility you’ve become exposed. Gonorrhea is a treatable disease and should not go untreated.

The Nucleic Acid Amplification (NAA) Test is the name of the urine test for Gonorrhea. The test detects the presence for the bacteria that causes Gonorrhea. Its precise accuracy has earned the recommendation of the CDC. Because it is a simple urine test, no uncomfortable swabbing is required.

FAQ About Gonorrhea Testing

How is Gonorrhea spread?

Gonorrhea can be spread through all forms of sexual interactions including vaginal, anal, and oral activity. Full penetration between partners is not necessary for the disease to be contracted. Use of a condom during intercourse is essential. Regular testing for Gonorrhea is also important for both partners.

Is Gonorrhea testing painful?

Not at all. A simple urine sample is all that is required for Gonorrhea testing.

What is treatment for Gonorrhea like?

A course of antibiotics prescribed by a physician is the typically plan for treating Gonorrhea. Keep in mind that treatment doesn’t mean you are cured for life. Recurrence is possible, so be sure you and your partner(s) are tested regularly, especially before resuming any sexual activity.

What if Gonorrhea goes untreated?

The body may exhibit many harmful side effects if Gonorrhea is left untreated. Inflamed prostate, painful urination, and infertility are only some of the effects of not treating Gonorrhea. Early testing is essential in preventing serious damage to the body and the relationship.

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Recommended Test Name:

Gonorrhea Nucleic Acid Amplification (NAA):

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