Know your status.

There is a brand-new push to get the Latino community to participate in HIV testing. 16% of the United States population are from the Latino community, and 21% of all new HIV infections comes from this community. It is important to spread the word about testing so that we can decrease the rate of HIV infections. Unfortunately, most people in the Latino community do not get tested. There are several reasons why latinos do not get tested.

The first reason is the language barrier. Many Latinos are Spanish speaking purely, and some of the information and educational packages come in English. Another reason is that people fear the cultural stigma that is associated with getting tested for an STD. There are other reasons as well, but the reasons are only distracting from the problem. The disease is spreading throughout the population, and it has to be stopped.

The Center of Disease Control has upped their efforts to increase awareness about testing among Latinos. Their campaign is called REASONS/RAZONES, a bilingual campaign used to increase awareness. At the heart of this campaign is a website, that has statistics, tips on how to broach the subject with family and friends, and testing center location so that you can find the nearest center near you. The website has videos that can be shared, posters to download or print and ways you can volunteer your time to spread the word in the Latino community.

Nationwide engagement events are part of the campaign. These events are held as a way to connect with Latino communities in cities across the country.

If you want to know more about the REASONS/RAZONES campaign, visit the website.
You can also use the website to read more information about HIV and its effect on the Latino community as well as information about the testing process.

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