STD Testing FAQ

What is your cancellation policy?

Our cancellation policy is simple. If you decide to cancel the STD test you have paid for, we can offer a partial refund, or a full refund in some instances, within 14 days before you visit the test center. If you choose to cancel your test, contact our representatives with your order number at 866.873.0879. They will be happy to assist you. Please keep in mind that all sales are final after 30 days.

Why should I get tested for an STD?

According to statistic this year over 19 million Americans will be infected with a Sexually Transmitted Disease. It is also estimated that 50 percent of all sexually active people in their mid 20’s will have an STD at some point.Unfortunately with STD’S there are not always symptoms. Without symptoms most people believe that they are not infected. Therefore they do not get tested and innocently spread the STD’s to their partners. By getting tested for an STD you can know your status and begin treatment if necessary. By knowing your status you can prevent the spreading of STD’S to others.

How does the cost of the Rapid STD Testing test compare with a regular doctor’s visit?

By going directly to a testing facility you can cut your doctor bill in half and save time. At the facility the doctors are highly trained and able to consult you on your test results. These are the same tests that your regular doctor would order. Although this method is faster and more cost effective.

What makes Rapid STD Testing different then other testing options?

We have certified medical staff that actually answer the phone. We are a confidential facility and unlike any others. We are also the only testing facility that can offer online and secure convenience with a professional staff.

Do I need a Doctor to order lab tests for me?

Yes in most states this is a requirement. Once you have purchased your test our doctors will order the Rapid STD Test through our lab for you.

Will I have to have a physical examine in order to be tested?

No our test do not require a physical examine in the event you are having symptoms we will advice you to make your doctor for your current symptoms. Our test involve a simple blood and urine test to provide your results.

Are there any special instruction for me to follow before I get tested?

No you will not need to fast before this test.

How quickly can I get my results?

You can usually get your test results in as little as 3 business days. Certain test may take longer. An HIV test can take up to 5 business days. Once your test results are available you will receive a conformation email from RSC Services. Once you have received this email you will be given instruction on how to sign in to view your test results. In the event that you test positive you will be able to consult with a physician usually within 24 hours. At this time your physician may write you a prescription and go over your treatment plan. Your consultation is also part of your test results and there is no extra charge to speak with a doctor.

Why from RSC Services?

RSC Services stands for Rapid Screenings Center Services this is the name of the company that securely provides your Rapid STD Testing. This is who your credit card will be processed with and this will also keep your information confidential when receiving an email.

How quickly can I speak with a doctor?

You can usually speak with a doctor within 24 hours of receiving your test results. In the event that you have tested positive for Herpes Type 1 you will need to speak with a doctor in person. At anytime after you have received your test results you can schedule an appointment for an on phone consultation or an in person consultation.

What if I’m positive?

In the event that you test positive we will give you a consultation and write you a prescription if necessary. We can refer you to another care facility if necessary. We can go over a treatment plan and get you guided in the right direction.

Can I get the same STD more then once?

Yes it is possible to get reinfected with STD’S such as Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and Syphilis. Some STD’S such as Herpes and HIV are not curable but are managed with medications. It is important to have protected sex and know the status of your partners. It is also important to make sure that if you have tested positive for an STD that you make your partner or partners aware of the situation so that they can also get tested. In the event your partner has tested positive they can began treatment to help stop reinfection of the virus.

When I access my results what will I see?

You can find an example of what your test results will look like here. Once your test results are available we will notify you by phone, email, or text message your choice. You will be able to make a printed copy of your test results for your record of needed.

Which laboratory will process my test?

The laboratory that will process your test is the same CLIA certified facility that doctors and hospitals use. Our lab works with Lab Corps and Quest Diagnostics. These facilities are certified and FDA approved.

What should I do with outdated medication that I no longer use? How can I dispose of them?

There are certain precautions that you should follow when disposing of prescription medications. A guideline can be found at the Food and Drug Administration website

Can I access my results from my mobile phone?

Yes you can. We have the ability to text message the link to your results.

I think my insurance may cover STD Testing what insurance plans do you accept?

We can submit your claim for reimbursement to more than 400 different insurance companies. You must call (866) 872-1888 to inquire about this service.

Can I pay for testing with my Health Saving Account (HSA)?

Yes you can use you Health Saving Account debit card to pay for your STD Testing. Although you will not receive an explanation in the mail since it is not an insurance claim it is a one time fee.

What will appear in my email and billing statements?

You will receive an email and credit card bill from RSC Services. When placing your order we do accept all major credit cards. We will also protect your information securely.

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