Hepatitis C

How would I know if I had Hepatitis C ?
Unfortunately 80 percent of people do not have any symptoms of Hepatitis C. Therefore they do not know that they have the virus. Since most people do not experience warning signs they have found out accidentally. The majority of cases have been detected during routine medical examines. In other cases people have found out that they have the virus when they have donated blood. The donated blood is tested for antibodies that can determine that an infection is present.
Some of the less common symptoms of Hepatitis C are:
Flu like symptoms such as a stomach virus
Jaundice which is a yellowing of the eyes or skin
Nausea and vomiting
Pain around the belly or stomach
Dark urine and pale bowel movements have also been indicated
People with Acute Hepatitis often feel like they have the flu:
Flu like symptom can appear anywhere between 2 weeks to 6 months after being infected. With these symptoms you may feel tired, loss of appetite, itchiness, and may also feel feverish. Other symptoms of Hepatitis C may include muscle and joint pain. Nausea, vomiting, and stomach pain have been indicated. Along with jaundice and dark urine as they are signs of liver problems when complications of Hepatitis C are involved.
What are the Symptoms of Chronic Hepatitis C ?
It is consider chronic if you have an infection for more then 6 months. Although most people can generally live without feeling any type of symptoms anywhere from 10- 30 years. 1 in 4 will develop very serious liver problems, liver failure, or liver cancer.
Those infected with HBV will likely experience very different symptoms according to their age and state of immune system health. Most children five years old or younger and adults with recent infections don’t show signs and symptoms. 30%-50% of infected individuals over the age of five do experience symptoms, however. When symptoms do occur, they can include: • Fatigue • Nausea • Loss of appetite • Fever • Vomiting • Abdominal pain • Joint pain • Dark Urine • Jaundice • Clay-colored stool Even those who have chronic HBV may not show signs or symptoms, and may not even have evidence of liver disease. However, others may experience a variety of diseases caused by HBV such as cirrhosis or liver cancer.
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Hepatitis C Incubation Period
Symptoms of hepatitis C don’t appear immediately after infection. Those who are infected with hepatitis C begin to see symptoms between 60-150 days after exposure.
Acute HBV Infection
The initial infection of HBV is known as an acute infection. After a period of time, the acute infection can progress to a chronic infection. However, the seriousness of acute HBV infection can range from mild to very severe depending on the individual. Adults older than 60 years typically experience the most severe cases, however, fatality rates of acute HBV are between .5%-1%.
Is This A Blood Test Or A Urine Test ?
One tube of blood will be taken at our lab. There will not be any undressing required or invasive swabbing involved.
Will I Need To Fast Or Prepare For a Hepatitis C Test ?
There is no fasting required for this test. There will also not be any preparation needed when taking this test.
What Will The Test Results Tell Me ?
Your test results will tell you whether you have tested positive or negative for Hepatitis C. It will also verify whether you have been exposed to the virus or not. In the event that you do test positive for Hepatitis C more tests will be given to determine if you actually have the virus. As some people may have been exposed to the virus but do not actually have it.
Is Hepatitis C Curable ?
30 percent of people who have contracted Hepatitis C have been able to naturally cure themselves without any medical treatment. In some cases treatment is not necessary if the symptoms are not severe. With Acute Hepatitis C treatment by a specialist is needed in order to protect your self from further organ and liver damage. The need for a healthy diet and lifestyle changes is important with all Hepatitis C. By knowing whether or not you have Hepatitis can make a difference in how effective your treatment will be.
Who Should Be Tested For Hepatitis C ?
It is currently recommended that anyone born between the years of 1945-1965 should be tested.
If you were given a blood transfusion before 1992 should also be tested.
If you have lived with anyone who has the virus or if have been sexually active with someone who has Hepatitis C it recommended that you get tested.
If you have had unprotected sex or unsure of your status you should also get tested.


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