It is not uncommon for people to have an STD and not know it. If this happens, the carriers may have sex unprotected. This can spread the disease. Chicago, like some other big cities, have larger numbers of infections from sexual transmission.

For the general population in 2009, the rate of HIV infections was three times smaller than it was in Chicago. This is according to a Health Report on STI and HIV infections from 2011. The most at-risk population is non-Hispanic whites, who are five times more likely to be HIV positive.

To help infected people know that they are infected, testing regularly can help. Chicago has a lot of options for testing. One way is to go to an STD clinic, and there are many in the city. However, for those who are looking for quick testing that is also convenient, a commercial or on-line organization that does STD testing may be the best option. These affordable and private facilities don’t ask that people make appointments, and results will arrive online.

Doctors can help you figure out what to do if you have a positive STD test result. These doctors can provide referral services if it is necessary. Here is a message to people that are sexually active they need to be proactive, and protect themselves against STDs. They need to disclose their sexual history with new partners, and using condoms is also encouraged for every sexual encounter.

STD Testing Chicago