Sample STD Testing Results

When you receive your STD test results, we’ll review them with you so you don’t have to interpret them on your own. If your results are positive, our risk assessment counselors can provide you with complimentary information about treatments. In some instances, your situation may require a follow-up test, but for many we can provide treatment immediately.

We will review your results with you. If your STD test results come back positive, we can provide treatment right away.

Your STD test results are delivered to your secure online account and usually available within 3 business days.

Test results usually within 3 business days or less.

Your results are usually available within 3 business days or less. Once your results are available you will receive a confirmation email from RSC Services. With this email you will be able to sign into your account. Once you are signed into your account you will be able to view your Sexually Transmitted Disease test results.

A doctors consultation is included if it is necessary

In the event that your test results are positive a physician will be availble in most cases within 24 hours. At this time you will be able to make an appointment at your convenience. You will be able to have an in person consultation or a phone consultation if needed. During your consultation the physician will discuss your treatment plan. At this time you may be given a prescription for any medication you may need.

STD test result FAQ

What does negative mean?

If you receive a negative test result this means that there is no sign of the virus or infection.

What does positive mean?

This shows that you have shown signs of the infection or virus.

What is the difference between Herpes 1 and Herpes 2?

Herpes type 1 is an oral form of the virus that causes cold sores. It is also a very common form with over 100 million American that are currently infected by this virus. Although it is rare Herpes type 1 can cause Herpes type 2 which is the genital form of this virus. For more information it can be found here on Herpes Type 1 and Herpes Type 2.

What if I’m positive?

In the event that you are positive you will be able to consult with a doctor over the phone about your treatment options and next course of action. Since it is possible to have a false positive test result your doctor may require more tests before given you a diagnoses. Once you have been diagnosed you can begin treatment. Your doctor will write you a prescription and at this time you will need to let you sexual partner or partners know about your status. They will need to be tested at this time in order to prevent the spread of the virus. They may also need to be treated to stop the reinfection of certain viruses.

How quickly can I speak to a doctor?

If your test results are positive you will usually be able to speak to a doctor within 24 hours. You can also schedule an appointment to speak with a doctor at your convenience. This consultation is given to you at no additional cost and is part of your services that are provide to you with your test results.

What is a value?

A value is the number that is associated with your Sexually Transmitted Disease test results. This value is given a range to reference by. The value is indicated by a reference that will let you know if you have tested positive or negative in a certain range.

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