Today, women live an average of six more years than men. In 1920, women only lived approximately one year longer than men on average.

In addition, men in America are almost four times as odds-on to perish from suicide than women in America are. Men are also two times more probable to die from an injury. Finally, 50% fewer women die of heart disease and cancer every year.

All of these stats can be found in a Men’s Health Network report. The report looked at data from the CDC (the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) as well as the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Statistics.

The truth is that men in America don’t take care of themselves even though they are aware that women live longer than them. Men go to the doctor 50% less than women do, and yearly medical exams should be consistent.

According to Men’s Health and the Cable New Network, also known as CNN, 9 million men in America have not gone to a doctor in five years. This survey was cited by the Male Health Center.

To start changing these numbers, Men’s Health Month was established. During this month, health clinics and professionals in the health industry give health screenings and checkups to men for free. They also present educational events and health fairs to help make men understand that they need to take care of themselves.


It is recommended by Men’s Health Month that men get more sleep, get at least 20 minutes of exercise in each day and eat more veggies and fruits. It is also important to cut down on stress. This can be done through not drinking, smoking and using drugs and increasing social activities.
Men can also join community sports leagues to improve their health.

There Are Always Men’s Health Events Going on in the USA

All of these events will present opportunities for men to have glaucoma, prostate cancer, high blood pressure and other health conditions checked.

There are hundreds more events for Men’s Health Month that are being presented by churches, businesses, organizations, colleges, governments, nonprofit groups, factories and other organizations.