The only way a person can properly check for STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) is to get tested. This is especially true for those who have multiple partners. They need to have accurate and frequent testing. It is true that many STDs don’t show their symptoms or signs. If these individuals do not have consistent testing, they won’t know they have the disease.

There are a lot of different options for STD testing in the city of New York. However, for those who are searching for testing that is both fast and confidential, online or commercial testing are great options. It is also an option to get STD testing at health clinics or private doctor’s offices. There are even some STD testing sites that are free in New York City. These are in all the five boroughs. At these clinics, it is not necessary to have an appointment. It will simply vary day to day whether there are enough clinicians on duty and times available. Finally, there is private testing with a confidential lab in NYC too. There is no appointment necessary for these centers.

Rapid HIV tests don’t need genital exams. They simply take a finger prick or a cotton swab from the mouth. It is really important that women ask their doctors about STD testing because the tests are not normally included in regular gynecological exams.

Doctors can guide you in the right direction and help you learn you more about STDs if your results turn out to be positive.

All sexually active individuals must proactively try to prevent STD transmission. When having sex with new partners, everyone should make sure to disclose their sexual history and health status. Female condoms and regular condoms should be used for all sexual encounters.

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