The launch of this program will take place in February chaired by Dr. Cathy Reback. She has spent four years encouraging the homosexual population which suffer from meth addiction to have protected sex. This was done by sending them queer lingo text messages. The messages aim at educating this population on preventing infection of HIV and sexually transmitted diseases. Currently, the effectiveness of the text messages is still under study.

According to Dr. Cathy, meth addicts are not for the idea of sitting down with a counselor or a doctor for counseling sessions to solve their addiction concerns. In this, by eliminating in person sessions, the probability of reaching out to them would be better through anti-drug and safe sex text messages.
With the advancement in technology, group sessions requiring personal discussions can now be a thing of the past. The text messages are sent at any time no matter where they are in contrast to one-time sessions as Dr. Cathy reveals to

The program aims at sending five text messages everyday to the subjects of the study. To help create an impact, the messages will be sent during times they are more likely to engage in sexual activity. They can also access any kind of assistance from the doctor and her staff through text communication.