Doctor consults

When can I talk to a doctor by phone about my test results and treatment?

You can consult with a doctor on your own time. With online testing it is private, convenient, and must be authorized by physician. We also feel that you have the right to professional medical care as we will provide you with counseling and a licensed physician who has experience. In the event that your test results are positive we will include a phone consultation with a physician. Although a positive result of Herpes 1 will require a visit for a consultation.

How does phone consultation with a doctor work?

Once your results are available you will receive a phone, email, or text notification that your results are in. If your test results are negative you will be able to review those results immediately. In the event that you test positive for anything that does not include Herpes 1 you can choose to have a phone consultation or an in person appointment at your convenience. At that time a physician will go over your test results and treatment options.

Can the doctor write a prescription for medication that I may need?

Yes depending on your test results a doctor can write you a prescription for certain Sexually Transmitted Diseases. A prescription can also depend on a number of factors that will involve your treatment plan and your doctors decision on what may be necessary.

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